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Many DIY enthusiasts and designers do not lack imagination and practical skills. They lack a machine that can help them turn their ideas and designs into reality. And Tronxy3D printers can meet their requirements.

Since 2015, we have been committed to the development of 3D printers. Our 3D printers have stable working performance, are easy to use, and are suitable for individuals or companies. The concept of user-centered runs through our blood, throughout our research and research, design, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, as well as customer service.

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VEHO 800 Print Size: 800x800x800mm

Tronxy VEHO 800 3D Printer
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VEHO 800 2E Dual Color Print Size: 800x800x800mm

Tronxy VEHO 800 2E 3D Printer
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VEHO 600 Print Size: 600x600x600mm

Tronxy X5SA 600 3D Printer
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VEHO 600 2E Dual Color Print Size: 600x600x600mm

Tronxy VEHO 600 2E 3D Printer
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Moore 3 Pro Build Size: 30x330x370mm OSG Guides: ✓

Tronxy Moore 3 Pro Clay 3D Printer
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Moore 3 Build Size: 330x330x370mm OSG Guides: ✓

Tronxy Moore 3 3D Printer
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Moore 2 Pro Build Size: 255x255x260mm OSG Guides: ✓

Tronxy Moore 2 Pro 3D Printer
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Moore 2 Build Size: 255x255x260mm OSG Guides: ✓

Tronxy Moore 2 3D Printer
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Moore 1 Build Size: 180x180x180mm OSG Guides: X

Tronxy Moore 1 3D Printer
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OSG Guides: Exclusive OSG dual core guide rail more stable and high precision extended service life.

With Laser Engraving

Become a Distributor

We are looking for distributors who have the same philosophy as us, and we hope you are:

1 Hope you are willing to develop together with TRONXY and have an evident willingness to cooperate. Individuals or teams passionate about market development, eager to extend market, and focus on win-win cooperation.

2 Our criterion for selecting distributors is not the company’s market share but the long-term partners. They have the same business philosophy as us, giving customers high-quality products and a good user experience.

For yourself:
1 You will get high-quality products. We provide after-sales and marketing support to help you better develop the market and serve customers. Save your time.

2 We provide professional training and support to help you quickly master and understand products, materials, technology, and industrial applications.



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You will have a chance to get PLA filaments in every month-end draw event when you subscribe. Randomly draw five lucky winners