Is SleekDIY a liar


About the announcement of cooperation with SleekDIY

Hi everyone,

We recently received some feedback from our customers about a machine called “Tronxy XY-3 SE-The Most Powerful 3-in-1 3D DIY Printer Ever ” in Kickstarter to crowdfunded by SleekDIY. The main questions are as follows.

Is SleekDIY a scam company?

No, we cooperated with them, we are in charge of production, they are in the amount of marketing and arranging shipment.

Why has it taken so long to can’t receive the goods?

A: We have fulfilled the goods to SleekDIY in April as scheduled. Due to the cooperation model, we have no way to contact the customer directly. But we believe that they are finish fulfilling delivering as expected.

For the above problems, we have communicated with SleekDIY; they will serve you better and faster. If you have not been able to get the tracking number, please contact, and we will assist you in dealing with this matter.

If you have been given an tracking number and would like to know the latest status, pls contact SleekDIY by

Due to the COVID-19 and Suez Canal obstruction, it will inevitably delay the 3d printer delivery; please know.

The latest progress on shipping from SleekDIY the message from KS

Dear XY-3SE Backers,

We are here to update you on the shipment status. So far we’ve sent out a total of 300 units of XY-3SE Printers in 3 batches. We’ll send out another 100 units next week. Every one of you will receive an email before Monday either includes the tracking number or an ETA (please check your junk folder as well; if you receive no email notice before Tuesday you can contact our support team for help via Please note that for most of the non-US orders, the tracking number will not be available until the package reach the destination port and pass the customs inspection.

In the meantime, we found that there’re still around 100 backers who haven’t paid shipping fee or submitted the shipment info. We’ve also sent out an email with the URL to pay shipping fee. If you haven’t already, please pay the shipping fee and submit your shipping info HERE.

Here’s a wrap up of what’s going on with the shipped orders:


US orders are expected to arrive destination port on May 30th. Then after customs inspection, it will be sent to local transition center waiting for delivery by FedEx (in 5-7 business days). The Carrier might contact you through phone call. Please make sure your phone number is accessible.

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

Your orders are expected to be delivered in late May or early June.

EU and UK orders

Due to the Canal issue back in April, EU and UK orders are delayed. We were only able to start shipping out these orders in mid-May. Now both EU and UK orders are in transit by vessel. The transition will take 2-3 weeks. UK orders might need more time due to Brexit influence. We’ll update you tracking number by eamil as soon as we have it from our carrier.

Other Countries

For orders not mentioned above, you can expect to receive the package within June. You should receive an email with the ETA of your order in early June. We’ll continue to update you once we have any news.

If you have any question, please contact our support team via


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