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3D printer Stringing

How to Fix Stringing Problem in 3D Printing | Tronxy 3D Printer

3D printing beginners usually encounter stringing issues during their printing process. Stringing issues is a very common issue in 3D printing. It generally does not …

Layer shifting problem in 3d printing

Troubleshooting–Layer shifting problem in 3d printing

layer shifting in 3D printing is also known as layer displaceme. 3D printing layer shifting issues are one of the most common problem. In printing …

3D printing trouble shooting

Troubleshooting–3D printing problems and solutions

Troubleshooting—3D printing problems and solutions  Beginners of 3d printer may experience some problems in 3D Printing, difficulties like 3d printer setup, 3d printer bed leveling, 3d printer …

independent dual extruder 3D printer

IDEX Technology–Independent Dual Extruder 3D printer

Some customers come to ask us “what are the benefits of IDEX 3D Printing” from time to time. “do dual extruders print faster”? or ” …

3D printer how it work

3D Printer, How Does It Work?–FDM 3D Printing Technology

At present, the most popular 3D printing technologies in the market include melt deposition molding technology and light-curing molding technology. And a FDM 3D printer …

ABS PLAfilament 3D printing

ABS VS PLA? What filament should I use in 3D printing?

ABS VS PLA? What filament should I use in 3D printing One of the questions that beginners of 3D printing enthusiasts often ask is: which …

3D printing accuracy

8 factors affecting 3D printing accuracy

With the rapid development of modern science, more and more people have access to a 3D printer, and experience the charm of 3D printing. At …

Type of 3D Printer Structure

Type of 3D Printer Structure

3d printing technology has stepped into our life. We can see them in medical, architectural design, scientific research, manufacturing, heritage conservation, accessory parts, food, and …

What is Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D Printer?

Ultrabolt Mini LCD 3D Printer Despite the fact that the 3D printing market has been around for quite some time now, this technology is still …

filament 3d printer

What are the common printing materials?

Some users have many troubles printing models with filaments, such as terrible adhesion and the like. They will complain to the equipment manufacturer about buying …

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