What is the XY-3 SE FDM 3D Printer?

XY-3 SE FDM 3D Printer is one of the most powerful creative tools available in the market. This 3D printer combines some of the most …

How Will FDM 3D Printers Evolve?

Many FDM 3d printing manufacturers are already working on new product lines, and they are not satisfied with the status quo. For example, Creality, FlashForge, …

About the announcement of cooperation with SleekDIY

Is TRONXY a fraudulent company?

No, we just had a partnership with SleekDIY to promote XY-3 SE 3D printer on KS

Children's Day Event

Children’s Day Event

June 1st Children’s Day is approaching. I believe it is a happy holiday for children. In China, many schools perform on this day. How about your country, do you also celebrate this day with children?

TRONXY Member Day Announcement – Subscription Benefits

Member Day Announcement – Subscription Benefits

We are about to start a long term membership day, the first one will be held on 2021.05.31. Are you interested in participating?

Find serial number in the 3d printer

How to find the serial number in the 3d printer?

Before looking for technical support, it is recommended to read this post to help you get support faster.

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