Children's Day Event


Children’s Day Event

Hello everyone,

June 1st Children’s Day is approaching. I believe it is a happy holiday for children. In China, many schools perform on this day. How about your country, do you also celebrate this day with children?

Although most customers who buy 3d printers are adults, this does not prevent us from celebrating you. So, we started one event for Children’s Day, and you need to guess from the black background in the poster image that we printed out the model is from that animation character. And you will have a chance to win it. You can give it to the child in your family or your friend’s child. I’m sure the kids will think it’s cool.

For those who guess the correct answer, you will get the model of the black background in the poster image as an award. If the number of people exceeds the quota, we will make a random selection, and if there are less than five people who guessed the correct answer, we will make up the quota by randomly selecting from those who did not guess correctly.

Next, let’s explain the steps and rules of the event.

Event Name: Guess which animation character the model in the poster is from

Event Period: 26th May – 31th May

Announcement Date: June 2nd

Number of Prize-Winners: 5

Time Zone: Beijing Time(UTC+08:00)

Shipping Time: June 4th

Shipping Area: China

Step 1: Guess which animated character is on the black background of the poster

Step 2: Reply with your answer, name, and email in the form

Step 3: Wait for the result announcement

Is there anything the winner needs to do?

Step 1: pls setting as a white list because we will contact you via it.

Step 2: Once you have received your gift, we would like you to send a photo of your facility and share it with the Facebook group to prove that we shipped the gift to the lucky winner and not a fake campaign.

Note that it will take about 25-30 business days for you to receive your gift due to the epidemic. Please be aware that we will give you the order number when we send out the skills, but it may take some time before you can check the logistics trail due to the logistics company.

If you have any questions about the event, you can contact us.

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