Distributors Program

We are looking for distributors who have the same philosophy as us, and we hope you are:

1 We hope you are willing to develop together with TRONXY and have an evident willingness to cooperate. Individuals or teams passionate about market development, eager to extend market, and focus on win-win cooperation.

2 Promote our brand and 3D printing culture actively.

3 Our criterion for selecting distributors is not the company’s market share but the long-term partners. They have the same business philosophy as us, giving customers high-quality products and a good user experience.

4 Follow the price control agreement and do not disturb the market at a low price.

5 Collect feedback from customers to improve the TRONXY brand or launch localized products and services.

For yourself:

1 You will get high-quality products. We provide after-sales and marketing support to help you better develop the market and serve customers. Save your time.

2 We provide professional training and support to help you quickly master and understand products, materials, technology, and industrial applications.

3 Quickly expand your local market and become a regional distributor.

We also support other cooperate methods, wholesale or ODM/OEM. If you have interested, Let’s know. We will contact you within 24hrs.

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Subscription Benefits

You will have a chance to get PLA filaments in every month-end draw event when you subscribe. Randomly draw five lucky winners