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Problem on heat bed

Time:2018-04-02 Views:1021
4.1  Heat bed don’t heating
A.  Check both the temperature of extruder and heat bed. If shows 0℃(or def) on LCD. It means the control board can’t measurement temperature(In order to protect the heater, the control board wouldn’t heat when the temperature cannot be measured). Please check whether the temperature sensor connected well or not.
B.  Check whether heat bed heater connect well or not.
C.  Test the voltage of HOTBED terminal by using the multimeter(Pens of multimeter must be at the two ends). It shows 11~12V when heating.It shows 0V without heating.
D.  Connect the heat bed power wire to the power supply V+ and V-(COM) terminal, and check if the heat bed heat, if not please check whether the power wire is disconnected from the heat bed.

4.2  When heat bed start heating, the control board restart automatically
A.  Check the choices of power supply 220V/110V,according to the local actual situation.
B.  Check DC power wire connect well or not(including both the ends of switch power supply and of control board ).
C.  Connect the heat bed to the DC output terminal of power supply. Test the voltage by multimeter. If voltage less than 10V. There maybe something wrong with the heat bed or switch power supply.

4.3  Heat bed heating but can’t reach to setting temperature
A.  Refer to 4.2 steps to check.
B.  Make sure the ambient temperature is over 25 degrees, and don‘t let the fan blow into the heat bed.
C.  Put some insulation material(cut a little “Pearl cotton” from the packing) under the heat bed to reduce the heat lost.
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