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Influencer Program

Hello Everyone,

Next, we are about to announce a influence program, and we hope that more people will join our big family. Let more enthusiasts know what the fun of printing by TRONXY 3d printer. We hope you are:

1 Own a TRONXY 3D printer; (We will priority the users who have buy TRONXY 3d printer.)
2 The person can complete article writing and video shooting independently and be responsible for their works. And post on your website or social channels about your promotion info, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.;(We care about the fans or subscribers whether they are activeness, not fan’s or subscribers amount.)
3 Social media channels are required.

With the concept of win-win cooperation, you will get
1 The latest product trial opportunities;
2 Irregular discounts or coupon is issued;
3 Technical professional support;
4 Your article or video will publish on our website or media channels, and attach your name.

At the same time, you can join our affiliate program to earn extra commissions for yourself. Not limit article, video, blog, etc.

Note: We couldn’t to respond to all people’s request. So we only respond to those who have been approved. The waiting time within 24-72 hrs.

Of course, this is also a new attempt for us. The provision may change, I believe it will be better. If you are interested, please contact [email protected]. Or enter the form;

Print Size: 150x150x150mm

Tronxy 3D Printer

from $116.00

Print Size: 255x255x260mm

Tronxy XY-2 PRO 3D Printer

from $215.00

XY-2 PRO Titan
Print Size: 255x255x245mm

Tronxy XY-2 PRO Titan 3D Printer

from $276.00

Print Size: 330x330x400mm

Tronxy X5SA 3D Printer

from $300.99

Print Size: 330x330x400mm

Tronxy X5SA PRO 3D Printer


X5SA 400
Print Size: 400x400x400mm

Tronxy X5SA 400 3D Printer

from $374.99

X5SA 500 PRO
Print Size: 500x500x600mm

Tronxy X5SA 500 PRO 3D Printer

from $954.00

X5SA 600
Print Size: 600x600x600mm

Tronxy X5SA 600 3D Printer

from $1,165.00

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Subscription Benefits

You will have a chance to get PLA filaments in every month-end draw event when you subscribe. Randomly draw five lucky winners