CRUX 1 Advantages

1. Use smoother and more durable dual-axis metal guide rails.
2. Support eight languages
3. Support U disk printing and Micro SD card offline printing
4. 2.8 inch touch screen control
5. TMC2225 uses imported mute driver chip motherboard STM32F4
6. Small machine, light and easy to assemble in one step.
7. Proximal extrusion head, stable and fast extrusion consumables, compatible with common consumables in the market
8. Using the lattice glass platform, the printing is not warped, and the model is easy to take.
9. Support material break detection, and continue to play after power failure.
10. Humanized large hand-tightening nut makes leveling more convenient and labor-saving.
11. Lattice glass/PEI hot bed can be heated up to 110 degrees

CRUX 1 3D Printers For Beginners
●High precision ●Direct drive extrusion ●Easily remove the mode

Touch Screen Control Support Operating System In 8 Languages
Full color touch screen control, support English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German and Spanish, easy to operate and easy to use.

USB Direct Connection
The machine is equipped with TF,USB T YPE-Aand TYPE-B three connection sockets, you can choose the appropriate way to connect according to the actual situation.

Mute Driver Chip
Equipped with a new silent motherboard, stronger anti-interference ability, faster and more stable sports performance, silent noise reduction, ability, faster and more stable sports performance, silent noise reduction, low decibel operation.

Smoother And More Durable Rail Pulleys
X-axis and Y-axis use external double-axis roller guide rails, which run smoothly and smoothly with low noise, and the pulleys are more durable.

Metal Guide Pulley
The metal bearing roller moves smoothly and the friction is reduced. High printing speed and low noise; Corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, simple maintenance and easy

Quickly Install
Modular design, easy installation, you can quickly experience the fun of 3D printing.

Direct Drive Extrusion
The extrusion flament is stable and fast, can print flexible flaments, and is compatible with common flaments on the market.

Small And Portable For Home Use
The printing size of 7*7*7inch, combined with the compact appearance design, makes the body size as small as possible, and truly realizes desktop-level 3D printing.

Lattice Glass Platform Heating Quickly And Evenly And Stably
The special coating on the surface of the lattice glass has strong adhesion, the printed model does not warp, and the model can be picked up by hand.

Filament Sensor
When it detects that the flament is broken, it can give an alarm in time and suspend printing, and then insert the flament to continue printing.

Easy To Leveling
Oversized hand-tightening nut makes leveling more convenient and labor-saving.

Smart Induction, Not Afraid Of Power Failure
It is equipped with a power supply protection device, and is equipped with the function of continuous printing after power failure, SO that you are not afraid of accidental power failure during the printing process, saving time and filament.

Endless Creativity
Applicable to a variety of creative fields: Education fheld, Toy model creation, Industr field, Medical field.

Tronxy CRUX 1 3D Printer

Tronxy CRUX 1 3D Printer

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Tronxy VEHO 1000-16 3D Printer
Tronxy VEHO 800 3D Printer
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Tronxy X5SA 500 Pro 3D Printer


2.8 Inches

Build Volume



USB Port/TF Card

3D Printer Dimensions


Power Input


Power Output


Supported Formats


Operating Temperature

8ºC – 40ºC

Extruder Max Temperature

Max 275ºC

Heated Bed Max Temperature

Max 100ºC

Nozzle Diameter


Positioning Resolution-(X/Y/Z)


Layer Resolution


Printing Speed

20-150mm/s(advise 60mm/s)

Operating Systems


File Preparation Software


Slice Software

Cura Slice Software

Supported Material


Filament Diameter

1.75mm ± 0.05 mm

Net Weight


Package Weight


Package Dimensions


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