What is UltraBot MINI LCD 3D PRINTER


What is Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D Printer?

Ultrabolt Mini LCD 3D Printer

Despite the fact that the 3D printing market has been around for quite some time now, this technology is still a mystery to many people. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that 3D printers became more affordable for consumers, enabling them to purchase and use these gadgets for their own purposes.

There are a variety of these devices on the market, but the one we recommend for beginners is the UltraBot MINI LCD 3D PRINTER.

What is Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D Printer?

Ultra Mini LCD 3D printer is a state-of-the-art machine capable of producing prototypes with industrial-grade precision. This small desktop 3D printer is excellent for individuals with beginner-level proficiency in 3D printing.

Launched via Kickstarter, this printer is exceptionally user-friendly and possesses all the necessary features one might be looking for in a printer. It engineers the finest technology out there, incorporated with seamless mechanisms to create delicate 3D prints that are accurate and durable.

This version comes with increased print size and a larger touch screen to enhance user experience compared to its ancestors. Additionally, it also enjoys a higher resolution and a faster printing speed than the earlier models.    

In this article, we will dive into the various features Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D printer has to offer to you.

Features of Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D printer

1. Produces delicate and detail-oriented prototypes

Accuracy is the number one priority of users when it comes to evaluating the quality of a 3D printer. While Ultrabot Mini LDC may be compact in size, it ensures that you get industrial-grade precision – something you could only expect from larger, heavy-duty machines. It employs a 2K resolution which allows you to print layers at 0.01-0.1mm thickness to a Xerox accuracy. This also means that you can easily print prototypes correctly to their extremely delicate and beautiful details.

2. State-of-the-art technology to combat pixel distortion

Pixel distortion is an issue commonly faced by developers when it comes to 3D printers. However, with Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D printer, you will never have to face that issue. This lightning bolt of a machine possesses UV LCDs as its primary light source, alongside a printing speed of 20mm/h. The light installed in the flat LCD panel illuminates the build area in a parallel manner. As a result, the chances of pixel distortion are diminished.  

3. Clear glass panel for close monitoring

Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D Printer is designed with the aim to mitigate uncertainty and ensure a seamless printing process. It has a see-through integrated printer cover which makes the prototype-making procedure very transparent. You can easily observe and monitor as the machine creates layers. This allows you to identify a problem in its early stages and quickly make corrections to make sure the output is satisfactory.

4. Uniform light intensity

Ultrabot Mini LCD Printer understands the importance of having an even distribution of light to ensure high printing quality. For this reason, this machine employs a parallel light source which helps to provide evenly distributed UV light while the prototype is being printed. As a result, poor edge cutting due to uneven light source distribution is mitigated. Not only that, but this feature also helps the printer work more efficiently.  

5. Accurate leveling with screws

Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D Printer is designed with the help of a simple leveling model. The platform can lose its accuracy after a few uses. However, you can quickly fix this issue by loosening the screws, adjusting the platform to zero, and then tightening the screws back. This easy-to-use leveling model makes the printing process efficient.

6. Prevents spillage of filament

Resin is the most commonly used filament in Ultrabolt Mini LCD 3D printer. However, at certain times, there can be a resin spillage due to miscalculation of the amount used. This can cause material wastage as well as hinder the performance of the machine. Ultrabolt Mini LCD 3D Printer has a mold-forming material box with user-friendly graduation lines to mitigate this error. This helps in keeping the resin within its container during the printing process and prevents overflow. As a result, the printing process becomes very seamless.

7. User-friendly touchscreen display

Aside from being one of the best machines out there, Ultrabot Mini LCD 3D Printer also has a user-friendly touchscreen display. This feature makes the 3D printing experience pristine for technicians and encourages them to use this model to make industrials prototypes. Additionally, the easy command system of this device makes it the perfect machine for beginners to have their first 3D printing experience.

8. Built-in battery

Most printers out there in the market require an external power supply. Even then, they manage to take up a lot of power. Ultrabolt Mini LCD 3D Printer, on the other hand, comes with a built-in battery which saves space and makes the transportation of the device very easy.

The bottom line

The world of 3D printers is expanding at an exponential rate. As a result, consumers have a large pool of models and features to select from. While having more choices is always a good thing, it is crucial to keep in mind that these devices are not that cheap in your pocket. For this reason, we suggest that you do your due research before you decide on which 3D printer you would want to buy. Make sure you know what features you require, as well as the type of filament you want to use to create your prototypes.

Ultrabolt Mini LCD 3D Printer is a safe choice for beginners as it does not require its users to have proficient knowledge of the mechanisms and hardware of 3D printers to run the device. Not only that, this machine is capable of producing industrial-quality outputs. For these beneficial reasons, we highly recommend purchasing this device.  

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